Culture consultancy

Culture has many facets and provides a variety of resources for shaping the social environment and finding solutions for problems in a complex world.

(Alexandra M. Araiza M. Founder)

Born in Munich, raised in Germany, and Mexico I live the intercultural experience daily and have done so all my life.


Alexandra M. Araiza Maucher Sociologist (Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich), Consultant, Mediator and Senior Expert for intercultural collaborations
As German-Mexican Sociolgist I am living the intercultural experience all my life.


Independent instructor and advisor on international and intercultural management for specialists and executives working internationally as well as for partners on secondment since 2007.

Leadership experience as interim manager in the professional service sector and as chairwoman of the board of SIETAR Deutschland e.V.

Experienced consultant for various international companies on the subject of leadership culture, conflict management, diversity management, intercultural management as well as learning and development
Industry experience:

Automotive industry, international organisations and governmental authorities,
financial services, professional services, insurance, transport and logistics

Academic background:

Organizational sociology, industrial and organizational psychology, intercultural communication

Founder of culture consultancy

Would you like to strengthen competencies to build a resourceful and creative cultural enviroment?

Then Culture Consultancy is for you.

CultureConsultancy is the brand for tailormade measures for personnel development such as trainings, workshops and individualised learning programmes.

With more than ten years' experience working in the intercultural field, Alexandra M. Araiza M., the founder, is especially focused on intercultural collaboration, communication and negotiation as well as exploring new social and urban spaces.


In a free initial consultation, we clarify your needs and develop tailor-made solutions.

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