Discovery - Society, Culture & Lifestyles in Germany

Cultural Discovery - Society, Culture and Lifestyles in Germany - an intercultural learning experience in a nutshell.

While we virtually browse through different periods of history, we will question stereotypes and prejudices.

Therefore, we will address topics like:

  • Is it true that Germans are cold? How had Goethe and Schiller answered this question?
  • Do Germans really live to work? What do working hours compared to other countries tell about this stereotype?
  • Germans have no sense of humor. But what about all the famous comedians like Loriot, Karl Valentin or Otto Waalkes, etc.?
  • Germans are always in time. Let`s talk about time management in practice.

To understand people of a country it is necessary to look beyond the stereotypes. This is why this discovery invites you to explore different aspects of today's society and cultures in Germany to gain real insights. In addition we will discuss how to build a life in Germany and therefore address topics like:

  • How do people socialize in Germany? How can I build and establish relationships?
  • What do I have to consider when dealing with different people such as civil servants, teachers, colleagues or neighbors?
  • What is culture shock and what can I do to handle this experience constructively?

After this experience you might have many topics for conversations with friends, colleagues or business partners.

A good conversation is the best intercultural training anyway.

This event is designed for small groups up to ten participants to have time to share experiences and discuss the topics you would like to talk about.

For more information or registration please get in touch with us:

phone +49(0)89 - 34086405 or e-mail:

Price per person: 50 EUR (Discounts on request)

Next virtual tour: 

February, 11th 2023 from 3.00 - 4.30 pm

Language on demand: English, German or Spanish

Registration: please send us an E-Mail: contact(at)


Testimonial virtual tour:

Chiara: Dear Alexandra, our group loved the online tour you offered us! We learnt a lot about Germany and the people‘s behavior. Thank you so much!!! See you soon, best regards

Testimonial Walk&Talk Tour

Grant: This is a wonderful walking tour for people that would like to understand German people better. I learned many things that otherwise can only be understood if I live in Germany for years. It was a very educational tour and I highly recommend it to those that wants to have different kind of "tour" than those typical touristy tours. You get to understand why "certain stereotypical" aspect are wrong or have a good reason behind it.

Kerstin: This tour with Alexandra is perfect to understand us as Germans. Historical examples told with a twinkle make the information very digestible.

Anja: Alexandra designed the tour with enthusiasm and humor. It was a fun and entertaining walk. Thank you for the many different insights.

Anthony: Great tour with a very knowledgeable and interesting host. Alexandra gave great insight into Munich and the various cultures in Germany.