Country Analysis Germany

Did you know that…


- 99% of German companies are SMEs and thus provide more than 50% of the jobs?
- most people in Germany live in communities with 20,000 to 49,999 inhabitants?
- Germans earn an average of EUR 3,770,00 gross with full-time employment?
- despite of having a female Chancellor, Germany only ranks 23rd in Europe for women in leadership positions?
- the “Berliner Republik” is 30 years old, but the average age in Germany is about 44 (2015)?

(Source: Statista, Wikipdia)



Business professionals, executives and expats who work or have business in the German market.

Your Benefit:

The seminar Country Analysis Germany presents a system with which you can quickly gain a fact-based overview of the social diversity and complexity of Germany. You will understand how the various social areas are organised. With this insider knowledge you will quickly find your path into the logic of the industry and business area.

Topics of the seminar:

As a first step, the country analysis provides you with a first overview of important historical developments and how they influence the present.
You learn about the socio-structural framework in Germany, the value patterns of the different social milieus, and thus professional groups in society.

In a second step, you gain insights into the working culture of different sectors, such as the technical industries or public authorities.

Depending on your personal values and professional role, you develop suitable action strategies for a successful start in Germany.



1 Day-Seminar
09.30 a.m. - 16.30 p.m.


Seminar location:

Venue will be announced after invoicing


Event date:

30.01.2020 in Munich


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