Learn@Tainment - Discovery Tour - Society, Culture & Lifestyles in Germany

Learn@Tainment - DiscoveryGermany - Society, Culture and Lifestyles in Germany is an intercultural learning experience in a nutshell. For 2020 this will be a virtual walk.
While we virtually walk through the neighborhood of Maxvorstadt we discuss the follwing topics:

  • How can I gain a quick understanding of the different cultural and social aspects of the German society?
  • How do people socialize in Germany? How can I build and establish relationships?
  • What do I have to consider when dealing with different people such as civil servants, teachers, colleagues or neighbors?
  • How do I establish my daily routine? What is culture shock and what can I do to handle it constructively?

In addition, I will answer any question that might have come up since you have been living in Germany.

The tour starts at the LMU University where we talk about history, science and education and how this influences the living and working culture in Germany. After that we will visit a little theater to talk about culture and arts.
Then we will browse through the student quarter to learn about social institutions like economy, the school system and the medical system.
Last but not least we will visit a café at the Pinakothek der Moderne to talk about other topics of interest.



Saturdays:  14th of November 10 am - 12 pm / 21th of November 10 am - 12 pm

Fridays: 27th of November 4 pm - 6 pm / 4th of December 4 pm - 6 pm / 11th of December 4 pm - 6.pm

Costs: 50,00 EUR per participant including (UST)


For more information or registration please get in touch with us:

phone +49(0)89 - 34086405 or e-mail: contact@cultureconsultancy.net


This is what participants say:

Grant: This is a wonderful walking tour for people that would like to understand German people better. I learned many things that otherwise can only be understood if I live in Germany for years. It was a very educational tour and I highly recommend it to those that wants to have different kind of "tour" than those typical touristy tours. You get to understand why "certain stereotypical" aspect are wrong or have a good reason behind it.

Kerstin: This tour with Alexandra is perfect to understand us as Germans. Historical examples told with a twinkle make the information very digestible.

Anja: Alexandra designed the tour with enthusiasm and humor. It was a fun and entertaining walk. Thank you for the many different insights.

Anthony: Great tour with a very knowledgeable and interesting host. Alexandra gave great insight into Munich and the various cultures in Germany.