My culture - your culture - our culture

emphasise Similarities - Leverage Differences

Your requirement:

Organizations in an international environment need a corporate culture that addresses the diverse needs of people with different cultural and social backgrounds, while creating an inclusive framework for everyone involved. The paradigm of cultural diversity raises awareness for the topic and its influence in daily life. It enables us to negotiate upcoming topics to find common solutions. The approach perceives cultural diversity as a resource and enrichment, but also supports to manage ambiguity.

Our Solution for you:
Workshop - My Culture - Your Culture - Our Culture: Opportunities and challenges of cultural diversity in an international working environment

The participants:

  •  reflect on their personal understanding of culture
  • discuss opportunities and challenges of cultural diversity
  • learn about different models and concepts in order to map and shape cultural diversity
  • discuss solutions for the typical communication requirements in an international environment
  • develop their personal cultural profile for the professional environment
  • develop action strategies for the design of the cultural environment


Executives working in an international business environment


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