how to build your life abroad?

international families

Living abroad always affects you and your family’s future way of live.


“Is it possible to navigate this process in a way which gives us and our children orientation and identification in our multicultural lives?”

What shall we adapt, where do we integrate  and when can we stay authentic?


The program Orientation and Identification for International Families supports you in finding the answers.


THE Program

Our one-day cultural workshop is focused on international families now living in Germany.

Topics of the workshop:

- gain awareness about your personal values and cultural profile

- discuss challenges and opportunities of an international lifestyle

- develop an individual family culture which is feasible, flexible and applicable in various living conditions.

In addition you have the opportunity to meet and talk to people in a similar situation.

The venue of the workshop is the atelier of the painter Marcela Krecova, as we would like to provide you a creative environment to work on that topic.


For more information or registration please contact us per phone +49(0)89 - 34086405 or