Living and Working in Mexico


Relocation Training

Relocation Training Mexico gives participants insights into Mexican society.


The country analysis gives you a first overview of important historical developments and their impact on the present. You learn about the socio-structural framework of Mexico and the values patterns of the different social milieus, and thus professional groups in society.


Depending on your personal values and professional role, you develop effective action strategies for a successful start in Mexico.


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Managing cultural diversity

Organizations in an international environment need a corporate culture that addresses the diverse needs of people while creating an inclusive framework for everyone involved. The Diversity Concept provides a framework for this taking into account aspects such as gender, generation, cultural diversity and professional backgrounds and considers them as a resource and enrichment of cooperation.


Participants reflect their personal cultural patterns for the business environment. They gain insights into the sociocultural aspects of the different social milieus in Mexico in order to better understand the diversity of their new environment. They reflect how corporate culture and goals can be a framework for inclusion and orientation for the daily operative work.


The second part of the workshop focuses on communication requirements in an international environment. We help to develop personal action and communication strategies for an international environment.


Feel free to contact us per phone
+49(0)89 - 34086405 or e-mail