Country Analysis Germany



International business professionals, executives and expats who work or have business in the German market.

Your Benefit:

We provide your managers with the necessary skills to be successful in everyday German business life.

To the point:
Your international managers know the structure, culture and the most important legal principles of the business world in Germany. This enables them to make a successful start, to take over their work and management areas efficiently and to build trusting relationships with employees, colleagues and partners. With this insider knowledge you will quickly find your way into the logic of the respective industry.
Topics of the seminar:

1. Introduction to the most important legal aspects for your role as an executive in Germany
o Labour law
o Works council and co-determination
o Compensation and Benefit

2. Understanding Germany - a quick classification
o Modern Germany in facts, figures and data
o Main characteristics of the political system
o Institutional organization of the economy

3. Working on practical cases: applying what has been learned in practical case studies

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