Program 2020

3D Learning

Diversity in teams develops creativity and innovation? Yes! But how?


Impulse-Workshop on 23.09.2020
from 2 pm to 5 pm in the 3D LearnWorld.

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Teambuilding & Creativity




Workshop - Bodylanguage & Presence
People in management or representative positions

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Business Acting

Seminars & Tours

Roadmap Germany

Milestone I

Check-In Germany

Society and culture in Germany at a glance:

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Check-In Germany

Milestone II Discovery - Society, Culture and Lifestyles in Germany

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Milestone III

Country Analysis Germany

For a better understanding of systems and institutions in Germany

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Country Analysis Germany


For more information and registration please contact us:

Alexandra M. Araiza Maucher

Phone: 089-340 86 405

E-Mail: contact(at)