international collaboration

emphasizing similarities - leveraging differences


Your requirement:
Effective collaboration and professional communication with your international executives, employees, customers and business partners.

Our solution for you:
To achieve this goal, we offer professional seminars and tailor-made learning solutions to people, companies and government institutions.

International Teams


 The programme for international teams helps participants to understand their personal cultural profile. They discuss and develop strategies for an effective working culture in an international and cultural divers environment.

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Communicating internationally

Does 'yes' really mean 'yes'? Why don't I get a reply to my e-mails? How do I handover my business cards correcly and is this really important? This seminar conveys different communication styles and explains which value patterns they might be influenced by.
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International families


Living abroad always affects you and your family’s future way of live.

“Is it possible to navigate this process in a way which gives us and our children orientation and identification in our multicultural lives?”

What shall we adapt, where do we integrate and when can we stay authentic?
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