Hello Mexico 2019

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Mexico is facing a time of transitions. The new presidency of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) started in December. The President is elected for six years and can’t be re-elected.
One of the key objectives of this Presidency is to realize the fourth transition of Mexico, which means to connect to three historical key events of the past which were:

1. “La Independencia” of Mexico from Spain 1810-1821, celebrated on the 16th of September as day of the Independency.
2. “La Reforma” - 1851-1868 Benito Juárez separated state and church and implemented the Constitution in 1857 to govern Mexico by liberal principles
3. “The Revolution” 1910 - 1917 was an armed conflict to end the dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz and re-establish the Constitution

But todays transitions in Mexico are not only politically initiated.
Another significant impulse is the generation of the millennials, born between 1981 and 1996 with a percentage of approx. 30% of the population. This generation is gaining more and more influence on the society. Especially the urban middle classes are starting to influence not only the consumer market but also the working culture and lifestyle of the Mexican society.
Last but not least free trade agreements connect Mexico to 35 countries. Therefore the international relationships and tourism also bring new impulses.

I have been traveling in Mexico for six weeks and I had the opportunity to talk to many different people. I met people like Maria, Eduardo, Rodrigo or Concha - warm, optimistic, friendly, creative and open minded people who are maybe working on transforming Mexico for the better every day a little bit. Despite of all the concerning news I had a safe and inspiring journey and I am happy to share some of the impressions in this blog.

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1. Charita Verde - bird seen in Cancún
2. Amazing blue - the Caribbean Sea of Cancún
3. Christmas tree seen at Marina Town Center Cancún
4. Isla Mujeres
Isla Mujeres
6. MUSA Centro de Visitantes
7. MUSA Centro de Visitantes
New Years Morning Cuernavaca
9. Head Olmeca seen at the Museum of Antropology Mexico
10. Vase - Nezahualcoyotl seen at the Museum of Antropology Mexico
11./12 History on 4000 sqm - the mural of the central library of the UNAM made by Juan O'Gorman. Opening in 1956, Mexico City
13. Santiago de Queretero
14. Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez Heroine in the struggle for Mexican independence from Spain (1773-1829) also known as La Corregidora
15. Santiago de Queretero


16. Cholula

17. Tlahuanca Ceremony - Cholula, Puebla - spot of cultural encounters
18. Cholula
19. Puebla
20. Street Art seen in Puebla
21. Historic Center of Puebla
22. Historic Center of Puebla
23. Historic Center of Puebla
24. Biblioteca Palafoxiana
25. Sunday in the Park
26. Zócalo of Puebla
27. Yves Klein @ Museo Amparo, Puebla