Mission & Cultural understanding

Culture is about what we like doing.


"Culture is the man-made part of the environment"

‎Melville J. Herskovits (Anthropologist)

Culture has many facets and provides a variety of resources for shaping the social environment and finding solutions for problems in a complex world.


Because of my intercultural family background, different worlds have always fascinated me.

Today, it is part of my professional mindset to explore different cultural spheres to apply them on specific social contexts, such as working culture or organisational culture.

With my work, I help clients to understand the patterns and impact of culture on their perception and behavior - especially in their professional roles.

Together we develop appropriate communication and action strategies, aligned with the given requirements of their professional background.

This is why the second focus is on principled negotiation and mediation skills. 


CULTURE CONSULTANCY is a consultancy concept which includes a variety of cultural concepts and techniques to help clients not only manage international collaboration but also to be enriched by international experiences.


CULTURE CONSULTANCY shares the cultural unterstanding of UNESCO