Your intercultural journey


A call, for example an expatriation offer,  motivates you to leave the familiar world.
The path to the new world is accompanied by challenges and opportunities.

With every step, you become more familiar with the new world.

If you successfully master the journey, you are rewarded with new insights, competencies and places you can call home.

This coaching guides you to realize your own personal intercultural success story.

What is it about?

If culture is defined as a space of shared values and practices, every person who leaves or expands this space makes an intercultural experience. This happens when people move to another country, or to a new city or change their professional environment. Only then do we realize what exactly has given us stability and orientation so far. These changes are often accompanied by challenges and stress, but also curiosity and new insights.



This coaching will guide you through the different stages of the intercultural journey and offers a space for a trusting exchange. You will also receive tips and ideas to make this journey easier and successfull.



Interculture begins with our personal socio-cultural patterns, which we are usually not really aware of. Therefore, the first step is to work on the personal values from the socio-cultural formation. To do this, our culture of origin is consciously put into words and images.


The departure is accompanied by various emotions such as joy, curiosity but also stress, frustration or resistance. How do we deal constructively with these emotions in order to turn challenges into opportunities?


We discuss the steps you need to take to regain a stable base in the new world . With this feeling of confidence, you can then develop creative solutions and ideas to familiarize yourself with the new world and enrich your own lifestyle through intercultural experiences.


We also take a look into our backpack of talents and skills and see which of them we need for the path and the new world.



Impulses and reflection




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